Book a Consult

We are sure that not too many company’s have a chance to book a consult with the senior level Traders and owners of the company.

That’s why we are different.

You can book a Consult with Maxx Fairo or Mike Ficca but keep in mind that their time is precious as well and that you should have a few things down before you set the appointment.

  1. Have you gone through ALL the Training?
  2. Do you have a Journal of your trades 
  3. Do you have a list of questions?


Things to make sure you have ready…

  1. A quite place to talk and listen
  2. Maybe your computer if you are wanting trade practice
  3. Pen and paper or something to take notes.

These things will help you get the most out of the consult and be the best you can be for your trading Life.

Special Note: you can only book a consult if you are a paying member and all Consults are set in Eastern Time Zone