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M – Th: 9am EST to 10pm EST via phone.
Friday – Sunday: Chat and/or Email Only emial:
Call: 603-369-6875
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  • Training
    Orientation Training
    learn what to do to get started
    Signals Training
    Learn about our signals and how to use them
    Nadex Ninja Series
    Learn how to navigate Nadex
    A Traders Mind Series
    Learning About Your trader's Mind
    Metatrader Mayhem
    Learn how to use and navigate Metatrader 4
    Chart Chaser Sereis
    Learn about the different charts that we use
    CandleStick Control Series
    You will learn about the Japanese Candlestick
  • tools
    Book a Consult
    Paying Members can book a consult
    Economic News Calendars
    This tools shows various Economic calendars
    A list of the Charts and links to their pages
    Market news
    A link to the category for Market news
  • Signals
    Dex Trader Base Signals
    The Dex Trader 2.0 sereis
    5 min mdm WB
    WebBased 5min Signals
  • Webinar
    Pro Webinar
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    Pro webinar Archive Page
    Missed the Last Webinar? Need to catch Up?