Na Intraday Tweaks make a huge Change…

On May 5, 2017 – I notice a trend in the system for NA Intraday’s. I also was able to collect enough data over the last year with the Intraday Signals that we could now really place another Filter over those signals and then apply a tighter News Avoidance platform over the system.

And believe it or not – the strength of these signals now have begun to really show.

The graphic below is living proof.

As well, 1o members have begun testing the strength of them as well with Huge Results. Which we will release later next week.

Keep and eye out and begin to use them as normal with greater results and being able to get into better trades.

BTW if you can’t get into a trade, Don’t worry, just wait for another on to come out.


Good Luck and as always, TRADE WELL

Maxx Fairo


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