I found Dex last week and I’m am really excited because I know I can do this :)

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Sun, Jul 30, 2017 at 10:33 PM

Thanks Max,

I am with Dex because I know that you can can help me fine tune my training.  I was doing a high volume scalping system on 5 minute binaries but my problem was I was winning $15 and losing $85 on average.  I did awesome doing that on demo accounts and (turned 25,000 into 45,000 in 3 weeks).  Once I went to real money on Nadex I freaked out because 1 loss wiped out most earnings.  On a given night I can stay at 80% win rate but the losses wiped out a lot of profit using my system.  I decided to back off my system, find a new system and work awhile on demo before I go back to live.  I found Dex last week and I’m am really excited because I know I can do this 🙂
I never thought of the 1 up or 1 down method but that has changed everything.  I am 11 and 3 so far tonight but at peace because averaging around $30 a trade makes an incredible difference against drawdown as you mention often in your videos.
I am thankful I have found you guys and know with your help, I will be able to do well with trading.  Your concepts and training have already made a big difference.
Thank you so much!

William is a member of our 5min MDM System – Trading 5 minute Binaries on Nadex

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