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Dex Trader presents….Simply Forex

Learn how to trade Forex on your own using a very simple method. Maxx will teach and show you how he trades. Maxx is also currently using this system for our DexFxCopy system (copier service)

For the month of January 2018 only….

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Dex Trader Simply Forex Results and What’s to Come

Dex Trader presents Simply Forex … Trading Forex Simply.

Take a sneak peak at the inside of Simply Forex and find out what’s coming.

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An Introduction to Dex Trader Simply Forex

What is Simply Forex?

What is Simply Forex? Just like many of you, the team here at Dex Trader Simply Forex have had many bad experiences in this industry and we began to grow tired of how complicated everyone made it seem. You almost had to have an advanced degree in order to even pronounce some of the words!

We worked for many years attempting to make all of the complicated things just a little simpler. We have focused mainly on binary options using Nadex and have been very successful over the last 3 years doing just that… But deep down, there was a burning desire to make our systems work for Forex.

We know that the Forex market is a trillion dollar industry, that’s right! Trillion with a T!!  Maxx Fairo, master trader, knew that he could develop our system for Forex and also do one little thing, make it simpler. That’s right! Take out all the complicated jargon, remove all the unnecessary indicators and expert advisers from your charts and simply go back to the basics. Create a consistent, profitable strategy that relies on the one financial instrument that no one can ever take from you, YOU! Once Maxx went back to basics, Dex Simply Forex was born.

Simply Forex

Forex Made Easy

When Maxx first called a meeting to discuss Simply Forex, we were a little worried, we could Hear that there was something different in his voice. It only took us a few seconds to realize that it was excitement and not worry he was projecting. He spent countless sleepless nights back and forward testing and it was finally time to reveal what he was doing.

I have to admit that my very first thought about it all was skepticism because I believed the Forex industry is way too complicated to make anything that the average person can use. However, my skepticism was quickly changed to astonishment and excitement when he began to show us the system. The first thing he said was, “Clear your charts” and then I was waiting for him to say I have this amazing new indicator that does it all for you. That statement never came….and he continued to show us how to set up our charts with very simple rules.

When it was all done and over with, we were all speechless. It cannot be this easy. So I, Brian Fairo, decided to put it to my own test. You see, many of you may know that I have cataracts and am severely visually disabled and I can barely see a computer screen. So if someone like me, who has to have his wife read him things on bad eye days can make this work, consistently and profitable, than literally Anyone can!

I began to track my trades just like we teach in all our systems and I became just another customer. When I am trading, I am Not just one of the owners of Dex using the program, I am just another customer using the Exact same things as the other members. I have included my trading journal in the Simply Forex Member Portal for all to see and we encourage everyone to share their journals so we can Work Together.

Though this system is young, and we are testing it on every kind of platform, including Nadex, it is becoming the core and the basis of how to trade anything. Once you know the basic steps of what to look for, Dex Simply Forex makes Trading Forex, Simple!

Want to Learn More about Simply Forex?

How Simply Forex can Help You Trade the Forex Market…or Any Market

I invite you all to have a look, ask questions when we are online through our customer service chat, contact us via email or just drop by to say hi! We are committed to the success of our members, and our Award Winning Customer Service stands out among the pack as the single most honest, reliable, and easiest to reach company in the entirety of the Forex and Binary Options Industry.

Let us help You reach Your Idea of Success, check out the links below and please do feel free to say Hi to me personally. How many other companies have the Owners on the customer service chats? None! You will Not find this level of commitment anywhere else, trust me we’ve looked!

Thank you all for taking the time to read this and I really do hope to see or hear from you inside the system and remember from all of us here at Dex Trader, Trade Well!

See you on the inside!

Brian Fairo

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