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Ken P – July 12, 2017

Let me introduce myself, I have been a Journeyman mechanic for 34 years . What I have learned is that the best quality tools, and the best training, will last a lifetime. I have recently, in the last year and a half, been investing and studying how the binary market works. I personally lost quite a lot of money stateside and with overseas binary sites, About to give up !!!  Then I studied and reviewed various signaling service, just like using a good quality tool !!!  As I mentioned before.

Dex Trader rose above all other signaling services, Because not only the best training and good quality tools , But also the support and experience , That we all can learn to last a lifetime  !!!  I now have been profiting $800 to $1200 per week on my demo account , With just 1 contract per trade.  Now I am trading live on Nadex , With a Positive cash flow !!!

I wrote this review because I needed to share with the world , What is real and very true to the point. I did not get paid for this review. In conclusion, Let us all start making a positive move forward , With the training and support we all need to succeed.

Carl C – June 28, 2017

Dear Maxx

I don’t know if you’re still reviewing the journals. I’ve tried keeping it updated. Will be putting my last 4 trade days in soon. But your system is working for me. THANK YOU !  PLEASE !!! Don’t change the indicator system.  Because of You & DEX, I have something to look forward to. I watch as many of the Webinars as possible. I review the training. I watch the teaching systems. I completed my personal Phase One. Now working towards Phase two. Getting $300 to $500 a night and 75 – 85% consistency.
The indicators pricing may be off at times but the direction is always 90 to 95% correct. Helps me kill the JPY market.
Amy – Thank you for all your past assistance and help. You kept me going at times. And Mike – You are an inspiration and helped me also in our talk a few months back.
I told you in our only talk Maxx. I was refreshed to hear and see people in this industry that REALLY CARE.
I hope you stay around a long time.
You Three Made the difference for me.
Carl C.

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