Webinar Series

Welcome to the Webinar Series Page.

Below are the Days times and and Explanation of what each series contains. Please choose one or all to attend …Each have a link that will guide you to the page that the webinar will appear on at the specified time.

See you inside.



Nadex Ninja Master Series 7pm est

This series is all about Nadex.com exchange and contains various learning from Binaries to spreads to Forex to futures and how to trade and work with them. Nadex can be confusing and a little intimidating, but with the Nadex Ninja Master Series Webinar you will get a first hand look at the network and be able to navigate even the toughest of problems.


DexTrader Insider Webinar Series 7pm Est

This series is all about DEX trader and The Tools, Systems and processes that will help you navigate and understand what you need to do to get set up…There is a Questions and Answers Phase before and after the webinar to ask any questions you may need to get your Trade on…



Forex Frenzy Series 7pm est

Learn how to spot movement on Forex and look at trends Price action and other various processes to trade the actual Forex market or use the info to obtain better statements on nadex.com .



A Traders Mind Series 7pm est

A traders Mind is a series that has you training in how to prepare yourself to train and trade. Using various key components and tools suchs as the 5min trading systems and learning how to lose and look left are some major advantages for your traders life. Join us in exporing the the world of “A Traders Mind”